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  • Do you find that you’re often tired, or even exhausted, from early morning or perhaps around midway through the day?
  • Is sleep just not enough anymore to wake up feeling refreshed?
  • Are your energy levels and moods often low?

Vitamin B12 Injections could be the answer! They’ll help to boost your day-to-day energy levels, fighting the signs of fatigue or even when you’re starting to feel low or run-down. A B12 injection is the perfect, natural solution to have you feeling well rested and refreshed!

Aside from day-to-day energy management, they are also ideal when preparing for a big week, or from working long hours, or if you are preparing for a social function or special occasion when you need to combat tiredness. You may also want a boost when returning back from travels when suffering with Jet Lag. B12 Injections are great for promoting healthy skin, hair and nails too.


Single Shot Vitamin B12 Injection: £35

Course of Four Vitamin B12 Injections:£120

What is b12?

Linked to numerous health claims and benefits, Vitamin B12 is required for proper red blood cell formation, DNA synthesis, protecting nerves, and good neurological or cognitive function.

Where vitamin B12 is not easily absorbed and is only found naturally in certain types of food, it can prove difficult to increase levels sufficiently through diet and supplements alone – which is why people look for alternative methods.


VitB12Shot and the VitB12 Academy were formed in conjunction with UK medical professionals due to the growing issue of individuals providing Vitamin B12 injections with no control over practices or products being used.

As a leading training provider, we aim to make people considering Vitamin B12 injections aware of the importance of using properly trained technicians and approved products under the control of dedicated UK Doctors and Nurse Prescribers – allowing them to access healthcare professionals where available for an appropriate consultation and medical assessment.


Although Vitamin B12 has not been shown to cause harm, it is important to note that the POM (Prescription Only Medicine) form of Vitamin B12 requires proper care in its use.

There is a minimal risk of overdose where Vitamin B12 is water soluble – meaning that any excess B12 should pass easily through your system – and any side effects of prescribed Vitamin B12 are very rare.

That being said, there are certain groups, conditions and medications that would cause a Registered Doctor or Prescriber to either reject a prescription on assessment, or consider careful dosage control and monitoring.

There are also different types of synthetic Vitamin B12 and unfortunately many are fake or illegal for use in the UK, so it is vital that the POM being used is legal, genuine and safe to be administered by a properly trained and insured professional.


VitB12Shot & Academy operate in conjunction with highly qualified and experienced UK medical professionals, including a team of GMC Registered Doctors, Registered Nurse Training Managers and Senior Nurse Prescribers.

Vitamin B12 injections are only administered following an approved prescription, using approved product, which is properly injected by a certified technician holding valid and relevant insurance.

Prescriptions are only approved by a UK Registered Prescribing Doctor or Nurse following a medical consultation and assessment to ensure an individual’s suitability for treatments.

All technicians have received certified, classroom based training conducted by qualified and experienced UK Registered Nurse Training Managers – promoting proper client care and practices in line with correct and proper injection technique. Plus additional health, nutrition, and safeguarding knowledge through various courses and materials.

The product used for injections is NHS approved, UK licensed, and supplied by a UK licensed and registered pharmacy – selected as safest and the highest quality product available for purpose by our team of Registered Doctors and Nurses.

We maintain compliance by adhering with all relevant legal requirements and constantly review and improve our safety and control practices. 


Please note: The Vitamin B12 we use is a Prescription Only Medicine that is only available on prescription following a consultation to assess suitability.
VITB12SHOT operate privately to provide B12 in the safest and most legal manner possible through quality and good practice.
We do not and can not diagnose medical conditions or treat any diseases, disorders or injuries.

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